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Here, at DoMyAssignment, we are well aware that doing an assignment is not confined to writing the required word count. To do assignment properly, you need to, among all else, prepare an outline, format the title list, cite the sources following the required citation style, and complete other tasks involved in college writing. Many agencies that do assignments online charge you extra for anything beyond writing the text as such. In contrast to this, our assignment services are free of any hidden costs. You pay for the number of pages and get all the rest — the title page, citation formatting, plagiarism check, etc. — for free. The price per page, in turn, is formed based on the following factors:


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Why do I get someone to do my assignment? Well, here are some common types of services you might need at a certain point.

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Let us imagine you’ve got a huge assignment to do and little time to work on it. You do not want your grade to be affected and so you need a professional capable of writing a good paper in no time. This is when DoMyAssignment comes on stage. Our writers can get a 100% original assignment done for you in just 3 hours.


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Citing the references

“Help me with my paper, I don’t know how to cite sources in Turabian!” This is one of the most common requests we get daily. Indeed, citing sources in a required style is a challenging and time-consuming task. This is why we suggest outsourcing it to experienced professionals that are real pros in formatting citations, be it MLA, APA, Harvard, Turabian, or any other style.


Apart from citations, there are myriads of formatting aspects that are not directly related to writing but that contribute to your final grade. What’s the difference between a title page in MLA and that in APA? How to make a table of contents? Should you use Works Cited or References? Formatting is, thus, just another task worth outsourcing: it doesn’t cost you much but saves your nerves and time.


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