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I need someone to do my homework for me! That’s a perfectly normal desire for someone who wants to live a balanced life and make time for their loved ones. Making your routine simpler and happier is the raison d’être of our platform. We exist to do homework for you fast, cheaply, and effectively.

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What makes an A+ paper? Apart from the text as such, it also involves neat formatting, style-specific citations, and a whole bunch of related tasks. Does this mean you need to order each feature separately? Not at all! With our service, you only pay for the paper, while we get you 100% covered from the title page to references.

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Now, why would you need anyone to do your homework? The reasons may be different. Sometimes, there are just too many assignments for one to manage them all. At other times, you need a professional to help do homework for you because of the complicated guidelines coupled with a short deadline. Whatever the case, you can always count on our experienced writers who get the homework done for you in any discipline and for any assignment type.

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When someone does your homework for you, you are, among all else, concerned about how the price of the service is formed. So do we! The central motto of our service is 100% transparency, which is why you can rest assured there won’t be any hidden fees involved. More than that, whenever you come and tell us “Help me with my homework!” we only charge you for the number of pages ordered whereas all other perks — an outline, a title page, style-specific references, etc. — come for free! As to the price per page, its structure is super simple. In effect, it only depends on two factors:

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The “help me homework” service is more than writing the required word count for you. Instead, it brings together plenty of tasks and errands, which our specialists can get covered for you. In effect, the phrase “I need help with my homework” can carry multiple meanings. So, here are five top common scenarios where you might need a specialist to do your homework for you.

Scenario #1: I can’t do my homework because I don’t understand the task

Assignment guidelines can be really tough and that’s what our professionals know firsthand. It is, thus, no wonder that many of our clients turn to us with a request that can be summarized as “Can you do my homework for me, I don’t understand what the prof wants exactly.” The best thing about outsourcing your assignment to specialists is that the latter have thousands of orders in their portfolio which allows them to manage the most tricky tasks fast and effectively.

Scenario #2: I need someone to do my homework because I don’t have time for that

We all know this situation when, all of a sudden, you recall “I need to do my homework which must be submitted in 5 hours.” Urgency is a huge stress in and of itself but, sometimes, the deadline is objectively too short for you to be able to complete the assignment properly unless you are a professional academic writer. With us, you can always say “do my homework now” and our specialists will get you covered shortly. In effect, we can proudly claim that our writers successfully handle orders with deadlines as short as three hours. 

Scenario #3: I need to do my homework online for a course that is of no interest/importance to me

Besides unclear guidelines and short deadlines there are likewise courses that you simply dislike but must complete for a reason. Our writers get paid to do homework online for entire courses including essays, peer posts, tests, and final assessments. Their experience allows them to get your homework done online effectively and seamlessly, while you can focus on the things that matter.

Scenario #4: I’ve completed part of the assignment and need someone to finish my homework for me

It often happens that you have independently completed your home assignment or its part and only need assistance to see it through. There’s nothing easier than that, in fact! You can contact us 24/7 and say “This is what I already have, can you finish the homework for me?” Our professionals will be happy to put all their knowledge and skills in to elaborate the paper structure and polish the overall flow until it is an A+ paper.

Scenario #5: I need someone to help me with my homework in terms of citations, formatting, and the rest

Ok, it all sounds cool but doing my homework is more than writing the required word count. To make it an A-level work, I need to take care of many minor details such as a title list, a table of contents, and more. If that’s what you are thinking — no worries, with us, you get an all-round service including help with formatting, references, and plagiarism checks.


Yes, once you place an order, you can upload samples of your writing and the assigned specialist will use them to imitate your style.
Sure! We are one of the few do my homework websites that take orders with deadlines of 3 hours only.
Yes, our “do homework online” service works with presentations and other non-standard assignments.
The best thing about our service is that you are only charged for the number of pages ordered. If you want to pay less, we recommend placing an order well in advance.
Sure, our professionals will take care of any online task be it a quiz or a peer response post.
Absolutely yes! When you place a “do the homework for me” request, our support team will specify all the details with you to find out what kind of services you need.